Instruction Manual

Before using Roto Rasp

Read the safety instructions and techical specifications of your angle grinder
Read the instructions for working with Roto rasp
Remember never to use Roto rasp on metal - remove all the metal objects prior to use
Check the disc and replace worn out or demaged disc immediately

Assembly of Roto Rasp on the spindle

Make sure the angle grinder is disconnected from the power supply
Place the backing flange on the spindle of the power grinder
Place the Roto rasp disc on the backing flange and center it.Pay attention to correct positioning with the respect to the curved surface of Roto rasp
Use only the original flanges and tools for tightening
Check weather the disc safety guard is secured and if required tighten it additionally.Do not start the tool without safety parts
Use your hand to check weather
the disc can rotate freely
Start the power tool for a 30 seconds trial work, letting it come to max number of revolutions.If you notice any major vibrations switch the power tool off immediately!


Wear protective goggles and mask
Make sure that any filter bags for vacuuming are installed correctly
Allow plenty of space for free movement around the work place.Make sure the work piece is fixed in a position for work
Hold the power tool only for the insulated handles in case the power cord gets damaged or cut
Do not force the angle grinder or Roto rasp. Pressing the disc against the work piece does not increase its efficiency, but unnecessarily increases the temperature of Roto rasp and shortnes its life ( make teeth become blunt quicker ).
Roto Rasp can be hot after use.Do not touch it until it cools down. Cooling with any types of liquids is not allowed
Do not put the power tool down until the Roto rasp has come to a stop.Never use side force to stop rotation of the tool parts
Keep bystanders well away while working with Roto rasp.Removed particles can fly away and cause injuries
Bear in mind that loose clothing, long hair or jewellery can be caught in moving parts and cause injuries


Keep Roto rasp in dry enviroment, away from flammable liquids, gases or dust.
Do not place objects on Roto rasp disc-Deformed disc must not be used