Roto Rasp - Sanding disc for sanding wood, plastic, rubber and other soft materials

set of rasps 1 

            New innovative multi-awarded sanding disc

            International invention of the year- BIS London           

            Attachment for 115 mm angle grinders

            No clogging up - no overheating

            Continuous work - saves time and effort

            Durable - nitrated high quality steel

            Fine, medium and coarse

            Very efficient  on stained and oily wood

            Ideal for sanding large areas and paint removal

            Strikes fine balance between sanding and sculpting
Roto rasp - Angle grinder attachment 
Paint removal  Sanding large areas Working with plastic  Sanding rubber  Sculpting wood 
Paint removal Sanding large areas Sanding plastic Sanding rubber Wood sculpting

26/10/2013 We are proud to announce that Roto Rasp has won the International invention of the year award at the British invention show in London Barbican centre

Roto Rasp sanding disc is designed out of frustration with sand paper based sanding tools. Its  clever design prevents it from clogging up,therefore, there is no overheating, just smooth continuous work.It removes more stock quicker, so it strikes fine balance between sculpting and sanding.

Roto Rasp is quicker, more efficient  and easier to use than any of the existing sanders or sanding discs.It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Roto Rasp is durable and reusable many times ( nitrated high quality steel)  It comes in 3 Teeth sizes - Coarse (Teeth 2.5 mm), Medium (Teeth 2.0 mm) and Fine (Teeth 1.5 mm) used depending on the hardness of the material and required finish.

Roto Rasp is ideal for bigger sanding jobs, fences, joists, sculpting and shaping wood, brilliant for sanding plastic, rubber and other soft materials.

Roto rasp is an incredible woodworking tool and an excellent all round helper for many small annoying sanding jobs.

Its advantages comparing to existing sanding tools were recognized at 12 Trade Fairs around Europe, where it won Gold and Silver Medals for being  The best innovative tool.

It is an indispensible sanding tool, one of the best abrasive discs you can find on the market.   find us on facebook follow me on twitter